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What Your Support Means To Us

Preschool education program

We appreciate your interest in supporting the Waasabiik Ojibwemotaadiwin Immersion Program.


One of our greatest efforts and commitments is to provide a program like this that is free to families. We believe every child deserves the opportunity to be part of a high-quality educational experience like our early education immersion program.  


We are dedicated to offering the best possible learning experience and part of this is made possible by the support of our community and their generosity. 


Donations are used for classroom supplies, cultural supplies, field trips, community events, family nights and powwows.


Your support helps us provide an exceptional educational experience and continues to move us forward in our vision and mission.

If you would like to donate, please make checks payable to, "Waasabiik Ojibwemotaadiwin Immersion Program" and add "Waasabiik Ojibwemotaadiwin Immersion Program donation" in the memo line.  


Mail your check to:

Waasabiik Ojibwemotaadiwin Immersion Program

15480 Migizi Dr.

Red Lake, MN 56671

Learn More About Our Immersion Program

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