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Our Partner

Community is what makes us successful.

Minnesota Indian Affairs Council

The Minnesota Indian Affairs Council is a resource and advocate for our schooling initiatives as well as preserving and supporting other Ojibwemowin Revitalization efforts. We are very grateful to be a part of such a supportive and culturally rich Red Lake Nation community. Gimiigwechiwendamin!


The mission of the Indian Affairs Council (MIAC) is to protect the sovereignty of the 11 Minnesota Tribes and to ensure the well-being of American Indian citizens throughout the state of Minnesota. To learn more about them please visit -


Our mission is to assist Ojibwe language immersion programs to communicate and collaborate to collectively address common needs. We are currently working with more than 10 Ojibwe immersion programs in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada. By working together, we are constantly increasing communication & collaboration between administration and classroom staff. Working together, we will be better able to address our needs in professional and linguistic development, organization and distribution of materials and assessments, and recruitment of staff and students.

We welcome your support through volunteering, gift donations, or other means. Contact us today to discuss how you can contribute to our vibrant Ojibwe community.

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